• Globalization system
    front-end and back-end

    1. International multi-language backend, supporting employees in different languages ​​to conduct business;

    2. Multiple time zones and multiple currencies to support your different operational needs;

    3. The most user-friendly management system, convenient and efficient management to maximize profits.

  • Diversified member
    management system

    1. VIP level, hierarchical management, rebate and other systems, members are more sticky;

    2. Multi-latitude management, key personnel at a glance, new and old customers do not miss;

    3. Different management strategies can be set for different countries and regions, and membership management is clearer.

  • Cross-border payment solutions

    1. Provide payment solutions, such as bank cards, online banking, Bitcoin and third-party payment;

    2. In order to meet the customer's respective payment access needs, it needs to be completed within 1 day at the fastest;

    3. Provide real-time exchange rate conversion, solve currency settlement at the direct exchange rate of currency.

  • Connect with diverse
    game manufacturers

    1. Provide differentiated API game products for different countries to meet different customer needs;

    2. Can provide customized API access for high-quality customers and provide exclusive game enjoyment;

    3. System big data calculation, automatic ranking and recommendation of high-quality games to obtain greater profits.

  • Global Customer Service Center

    1. Hongtu has multiple operation service centers around the world to meet customer needs in different languages;

    2. Update the language translation of the international top 100 translation companies in real time, more accurate and professional;

    3. Professional and intelligent IM customer service system support to make your service more accurate and light.

  • Know customer needs
    better than you

    1. Professional product team, in-depth understanding of regional user habits;

    2. Analyze users in different regions in detail to better understand customers' ideas and thoughts;

    3. An open mind and quick response to market feedback.

  • VN
  • VND
  • TH
  • THB
  • JP
  • JPY
  • KR
  • KRW
  • INR